Promise: I will never ask you for a CV

Over the years i have applied for many jobs, sent many CVs. I have also read many CVs and hired hundreds of people. That’s it I’m done with it.

Working with somebody is a very important human relationship, I am not going to ask you to describe yourself on a piece of paper because i am too lazy to take my time to know you.

Not only i am too lazy to get to meet you all, I also am so arrogant that i expect you will want to work for me. This is ridiculous. Why would i assume that you want to work with me without meeting me first?

Is it because i offer you a salary?

Well if that’s the only reason you want to work with me, then i might not want to work with you in the first place.

I’m done with CV’s. Keep an eye for job postings where i invite you ALL to meet me for a stroll on the beach, for a drink in a pub, for a meal in a restaurant, for a walk in the park.

If you think you want to, come over, let’s meet and see what we can do for each other.

One thought on “Promise: I will never ask you for a CV

  1. That’s a shame. CVs are such a nice shortcut for me.
    Yeah, they provide poor information, but it’s a good way to say “Hi, I’m looking for a job in this field, and I claim to have those skills. If I’m looking for something you don’t have need for, you can save me time by telling me that ahead of time.
    I might be biased since my experience is with hiring junior software testers (a problem in itself, since there are almost no places that can allow for junior software testers, and most places should strive for having less testers and more testing, but those discussions are for later) which is a market full with unqualified people who’d been promised a lot of false promises by some training providers, but investing 5 minutes in the over 600 people who applied would mean 50 net hours (not including context switch, coordinating, and so on)

    Also, sending my CV to a trusted 3rd party (even LinkedIn) is a shortcut to hearing about relevant positions I might be interested in.

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