This is how I measure the quality of my work

notneededI have blogged in the past about product development and measures of success, it is a topic that interests me a lot.

I am an individual that sells services to organisations that develop products. This makes me a product as well. In fact organisations might want to hire me because they have a problem and believe that I (the product) can resolve it.

The product I advertise is something like this:

“I will help your organisation deliver products that matter through coaching your people on the use of agile and lean practices”


There are many ways of defining success KPIs for engagements of this type. targets will be set, numbers will be pulled out of thin air, promises will be made, but I am not 100% sure that the quality of my work can be measured like this.

I might meet or exceed all the KPIs we agreed at the start of my engagement, but if at the end of my gig you still need me to fix the same problem, then I have failed.

A coach must be able to work himself out of his own job.

If you don’t need me anymore because your people are now able to resolve the problems without my help, then I can safely say I succeeded.

So, my promise to my customers is:

I will do all I can so that you don’t have to pay my services in the future

4 thoughts on “This is how I measure the quality of my work

  1. Actually, I’ve had a few companies where I gave a “trial run” – let’s see if you are happy with the results for the first month. Then we’ll negotiate with both of understanding what I can offer. In 2 cases, my month turned into over a year. I left when we agreed they didn’t need me anymore. For one of those companies, I actually suggested they didn’t need me anymore.

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