Two months off the rat race

rat-race-1After 4 years in PaddyPower I have decided to stop working there and I am newly unemployed.

In the last month, when talking to people about the situation, the questions I was asked in 99% of the cases were: Have you found something else? Where are you planning to work after you finish?

When I responded, “I plan to have a great summer not working and start thinking about getting back into the wheel in September”, I saw worried looks in people’s faces

People generally hear my answer as “I haven’t found anything but I am too proud to admit it and while I struggle with self esteem, financial difficulties and rejection I might hide in my apartment and post on Facebook that I am on an exotic holiday, pray for me”.

It is not so socially acceptable to take a break to think in particular if like me you are  well over 40. It is instead completely acceptable to jump into the next shitty job immediately because it is important to be turning the wheel and if everybody stopped to think the world would likely implode.

Time to think about life. Time to think about what we are. Think about what we want to be.

I am off the rat race for 2 months, ciao!



8 thoughts on “Two months off the rat race

  1. Hi Augusto,

    It’s good time to relax and like you said: “Time to think about life. Time to think about what we are. Think about what we want to be”.

    Enjoy your time…and don’t forget to blog 😀


  2. Intelligence is a virtue. Now, extraordinary intelligence is something that only a few people touched by a magic wand have. You’re one of those few and since.I seriously admire truly smart people I say: why time boxing your life recap to X months? Take the time you need, you’ve got the advantage that you’re a really talented and well versed professional in an industry that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about age and pays really well…you don’t have (AFAIK) kids to be fed so………enjoy life! (And come to Argentina!)

  3. About to take 3months off on sabbatical leave aged 28 and cannot wait! Close friend of mine also did exactly the same as you have, I guess I’m lucky in our circle we’re confident in our abilities and situations like this don’t worry us. Much like it is for you, don’t worry about the naysayers.

    Enjoy your time off!

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