Continuous improvement is an infinite loop

This morning, at home with the flu, I thought about visualizing a continuous improvement process (that’s what crazy people do when they are sick). So I took markers and paper and I started to draw. Looking at it I realised that I was drawing an infinite loop. With my developer hat on I thought: WTF? There is a problem. I need to fix it.

Then I looked again, and it hit me. No problem at all, continuous improvement IS an infinite loop, and if you think you are done improving your process you are doomed!

You might say that the word continuous should have tipped me, yes you are right, but I find that looking at a graphic representation of a concept always makes me discover new things, that’s why I draw things even though any 5 years old could do a better job.

Markers + A4 paper + MsPaint + phone cam + Gliffy created this thing

Continuous Improvement

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