What’s with the tools obsession?

toolsYou can’t avoid them; they are in every discussion: tools, tools, tools and more tools.

There is no question on bugs that doesn’t get an answer like “open a bug in Jira and bla bla bla…”, every topic on performance have a Loadrunner or Jmeter here and there, no functional testing discussion seems to be worth its while if somebody doesn’t mention Selenium or QTP.

If you suggest somebody to talk and discuss the issues they have, somebody will jump in with the tool that will solve the issue straight away.

The CVs I review are festered with tools, some people with 3 year work experience claim they can use more tools I have ever used in almost 20 years.

For some strange reason, people believe that if you want to be agile you must use tools, when somebody clearly said “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.

Do not let the tools replace the conversations!


2 thoughts on “What’s with the tools obsession?

  1. I thought I am the only one having something against tools and metrics, good to know there are some other folks thought of the same way, though I’m trying my best to pollute myself covering with ‘tool-armour’ like anything now a days …… bless

  2. Australian IT suffers that a lot – lack of skills which is to be addressed by these great shiny tools.
    If you can’t manually get to the underlying issue because you don’t understand what’s going on, no tools will do – but that’s never welcomed by the folk lacking the skills or their managers.

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